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Joseph Shorter

 I am a future-facing leader with over 20 years of experience delivering large-scale change initiatives across multiple global locations, including working extensively for two renowned Big 4 consulting firms. I am passionate about what I do because I have a deep and broad skill set that can be easily transferable to multiple industries. I have a natural talent for streamlining operations and identifying opportunities for improvement, including introducing new technology for efficiency and cost savings.
I am recognized as an innovator who can develop unique solutions to complex issues and automate processes that reduce project completion time and enhance client/employee satisfaction. I can be Chief Architect to support enterprises transitioning from legacy to cloud-based systems and next-generation solutions. I have a track record of acting as a change agent, navigating through all levels of an organization to build consensus and commitment to restructuring, process redesign, and acquisition integration.
I know I am only as good as the teams I lead, so I take time to coach and mentor employees for career growth and success. As a result, I can create a cohesive environment with optimal levels of engagement and performance.
My key areas of expertise include Strategic Planning & Execution, Operations Management, Acquisition Integration, Product/Solution Innovation, Architecture and Infrastructure Systems, Business and market Share Growth, Transformation Initiatives, Data Analytics and actionable Insights, Creation, Enterprise Architecture Centers of Excellence (CoEs), Stakeholder Relationship Management, Strategic Alliances, SaaS Applications & Solutions, SDLC Methodologies, Business Continuity, Staff Development, and Leadership.
You will find my contact information in this profile if you want to discuss my skills and background. Thank you for reading it.

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